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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who do I contact about neighborhood issues such as loose dogs, trash pickup, street parking, etc?
A: Heritage HOA, (970) 243-3186

Q: How do I get access to the fitness center?
A: The fitness center is for Clubhouse members only. If you are a Clubhouse Member, see Kayla for an access card.

Q: Can my friend who doesn't live at Cobble Creek join me for cards?
A: No, clubs and groups are for members only.

Q: Is the restaurant open to the public?
A: The restaurant is always open to the public, with the exception of private member events. Check The Tavern tab for updated seasonal hours and menus.

Q: Does the club offer lessons for kids and adults?
A: Yes. Please call The Pro Shop for more information. (970) 240-9542

Q: Is the golf course open to the public?
A: Yes. The golf course is open to the public. There are also golf memberships available to the public.
Click here to book a tee time

Q: Can we rent the banquet room for a private event?
A: Yes, the banquet room is available to rent for private events. Call (970) 964-4947 ext. 17 or email for more information.

Q: Can I take my dog on the course?
A: No, there are no dogs allowed on the course. 

Q: Can I ride my bike on the course?
A: After golfing hours, residents may utilize the cart paths for walking or biking.

Q: Does the club host events for members?
A: Yes, the club hosts events for members throughout the year. There are also events open to Golf Members.


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